Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mr. Nutcase Custom Phone Case #Review

I am a mom and just like any other mom I love to brag about my kids and show off pictures of them.  Although, it can sometimes be a pain to pull out my phone, punch in my security code, find my gallery (because even though I have had my phone for a few months, I can still never find it) and than scroll through the pictures to find one of the two of them together.  That is one of the reasons why I love my new Executive Flip Leather Style custom phone case for my Samsung S4 from Mr. Nutcase.

I've tried in the past to make myself a personalized case, only to end up getting frustrated and just forgetting the whole thing completely but I've wanted one ever since I had my first child.  I had no problems this time though, I found it very easy to navigate through the site, find my phone, add my picture and order, the whole process took me literally 5 minutes.  And the shipping, considering it was coming from the UK i had expected it to take at least a week...  nope, within 2 days it arrived.  The cases are reasonably priced but I do have to say one of my favorite features is the fact that they offer FREE shipping worldwide...  I mean who does that?  Nobody, so I found that to be pretty awesome!  Mr. Nutcase offers a variety of classic designs and personalized options and collages for many different brands of tablets and mobile phones including a custom iphone case.

I cannot tell you how many compliments I get with my new case from "Your kids are so cute!" to "Wow, where did you get that case from?  I'd love to get one for insert loved ones name here!".  To find out more info on the types of cases they make you can visit their site or on their social media accounts.


For a limited time all of The Mommy Mix readers can receive 10% off of their entire orders just by entering Thanku10 at checkout.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

13 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

It may have come with a late start but summer is here and this week we are apparently heading into a heat wave, were talking +30 degrees celsius and higher here.  Not that I am complaining, with the long winter that we had but I am not a huge fan of the heat, there is just something about getting all sticky and sweaty just from sitting down that I do not like.  If I can I try to avoid it at all costs and if I can't well than I just look for ways to beat the heat.

     1.  Make a cold meal - Breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever time of day there is always a cold meal alternative rather than a hot meal you can make, or better yet - order something.
     2.  A cold drink - I don't mean of the adult beverage kind, unless of course that's what you fancy, I'm talking about anything with ice to help cool you from the inside out...  Better yet, seeing as how I am from the Slurpee Capital of the World, I think that would make a great drink of choice.

     3.  Water fight - Gather the neighborhood kids or even just your own, heck who says that water fights have to be just for kids.  Gather the neighborhood and any water fighting tools you can think of; sponges, buckets, water guns, water balloons and even hoses if they are long enough just to name a few and start the battle.  Person who walks away the wettest is the winner!
     4.  Pool, sprinkler, slip and slide... - Some of my funnest memories as a child were built around these two water toys.

     5.  Don't own any of the stuff mentioned directly above, google parks and recreation in your area and you'll be sure to find a pool or splash pad in your area, maybe even within walking distance.
     6.  Frozen treats - Ice cream, freezies, popsicles, yogurt...  who cares which one, there all yummy and will do the trick for a little while.

     7.  A big bowl - We all know that kids will go outside no matter what the weather is, in the past I've found that something with water, a bucket or a bowl to soak my feet in, will help to keep me cool while I'm watching my boys play and well, if they're hot enough they'll sit in it so you can get double the use.

     8.  A big beach umbrella - Who says you have to be at a beach to use these, set one up in your backyard or at a park with the little ones.

     9.Wash the car - You may work up a sweat but the water from the hose splashing off the car onto you will feel so refreshing and you'll get a chore done.

     10.  Bubbles and sidewalk chalk - I don't care what anyone says bubbles and drawing on the sidewalk make everything go away.

     11.  Spray bottle with ice water - You can get a spray bottle from the dollar store and fill it up with ice water, if it's hot enough the ice will melt relatively fast but still stay cold for you to spritz yourself every now and again.

     12.  Frozen cloth - If you know that it's going to be a scorcher , throw a cold wet cloth into the freezer and take out only when you want to use it.  You could use ice but this way it won't be as messy dripping once it's melted.

     13.  Stay indoors - Not necessarily in your house but there are plenty of thing that can be done indoors.  You can go shopping, out to eat, indoor play areas for the kids, museums and so much more.  Most places have air conditioning, take advantage of it, let the kids run around go wild or maybe even gave something good to eat.  No money...  just window shop, at least your getting out if the house and getting some exercise.

What are your go to beat the heat tips?  


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Food Fun With Funbites #Giveaway

Hearts, four leaf clovers, snowpeople...  whatever the shapes may be they always make food more fun.  I know my son absolutely loves it when I call him for a meal or snack and his plate is decorated with some yummy treats.  However, I can not cut with a straight line, nor can I carve shapes with a knife, at least not if I want it to look like anything.  Which is why, when I am wanting to make a fun meal for my boys I usually dig out the cookie cutters which are great for the big food items like; sandwiches, pancakes, etc...  but I could never find anything small enough for the bite-sized food such as; fruit, cheese, cucumbers...  until I found FunBites, a kitchen tool that takes the hard work out of making meal time fun for my little ones.

 FunBites comes in three different sizes Cube It! and Luv It! and the newest Triangle shapes.  Since I am forever telling my son that the reason he loves my cooking more than others is because mine are made with love, I chose the Luv It!.  Not to sound cliche or anything but I Luv It and so do my boys who both though that our little outdoor picnic last week was not only delicious but also extra special because of all the hearts.  

These wonderful creations were made by a mom who knows just how hard it is to get a picky eater to eat or even try good nutritious food.  It has been the winner of 12 awards including the PTPA Seal of Approval, which you know means that it has been tried and trusted by parents all over.  FunBites can be purchased in select stores cross the US and Canada as well as other countries, you can find the list of locations on there site, don't fret if you don't see anything in your area because they can also be purchased online from the same link.  For a limited time only they are also offering a Back To School coupon which will give you 20% off your entire online order just by entering BTSFun at checkout.


As if that wasn't generous enough, they are offering one lucky reader the chance to win there very own FunBite of their choosing.  Giveaway open to Canada and US residents ends August 7, 2014.  Follow the giveaway tool prompts to enter.

Lady Slippers

So...  Apparently these are extremely rare where I am from.  They must be because this is the first time that I have ever seen these beauties but the farm that we went to had them in every corner.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Whistlefritz On Va Jouer Let's Play #Review

Summer break is in full swing here and one of the things that I did not want to happen during this time was for my son to lose any of the French that he has learned throughout the year due to the fact that my husband and I both, do not speak it at all.  I want him to still be able to go back in September with everything in his mind just as fresh as when he left in June.  Whistlefritz has some great tools for me to make sure that he continues to learn without even knowing it, through their French DVDs and CDs.

On Va Jouer Let's Play is an interactive French Immersion DVD, designed for childrenages 1-7 years that uses music, play and puppets to teach your child another language while they are using their imaginations.  Much like Allons Dancer Let's Dance, it introduces the everyday items that your child will come into contact with, such as; clothing, animals, different parts of the body, etc...  Maria and Fritzi the mouse had my oldest son dancing and singing along to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, even my toddler was participating without knowing what he was doing or trying to say.  I love that because of the translation guide that is included, I can even quiz him a little bit or just teach myself.

Whistlefritz also offer Spanish programs both which incorporate live action, animation, catchy music and FUN.  No prior knowledge of the languages which are offered; French and Spanish are needed because their products are made for beginners.  The lesson plans can be used with or without the other tools, but just like any other product or tool works best combined together, just like moi and les amis.  See I'm learning already!  For more information on their products, tips and programs visit the Whistlefritz site and like their Facebook page.

If I Was A Superhero My Power Would Be...

Anyone who has children will tell you that being a parent is hard work but being a parent who also works; whether it's in the home or not can sometimes be even harder.  Long days at work, coming home to cook, clean, do laundry plus spend time with the little ones before bed...  I swear on most days, when I can do all of this and still be able to make it to my own bed, I feel like a superhero.

However, if I was a superhero I would like to think that I would have a far cooler super power than just being able to multi-task.  I'd like to think that my super power would be something along the lines of being able to change time without actually changing time...  Does that even make sense?  In my head it does, what I mean by that is...  Being able to go back in time without erasing any of the events that already happened, so I can go to work be off at 7PM and rewind to 5PM still have time to make supper and do all of my dailies that I have to do with the same amount of energy levels that I had 2 hours prior.  Basically, I would make it so that there were longer hours in the day and I wouldn't get tired plus the added bonus of moving the time ahead to make bedtime come sooner would be the best perk of all.

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

Oh, who am I kidding?   That's all far too complicated, I think I'll take my sons answer instead which is 'Invisibility', than I can hide whenever I want to without having to sit in the bathroom with the shower running just to get some peace, quiet and relaxation.  If you could have any super power in the world what would it be?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

OXY Emergency Acne Vanishing Treatment Wipes

Acne has never really been a problem...  until recently that is.  Not that I get a lot but when I do they get big and sometimes last a lot longer than I would like them to...  not that I wan them to be their at all, but you know what I mean.  I use face wash once, sometimes twice a day (depending on if and the amount of makeup that I wear) but a girls got to have her back-up.  For as long as I remember that back-up has been OXY pads, I used to stick them to my forehead or my chin whenever I had a new best friend attached to my face until it dried out.  Yes, I know that I didn't have to but when I was a teenager, I didn't listen to my brain as much as I should have.

Oxy has a new emergency Acne Vanishing Treatment Wipes and now that I am grown, I don't walk around with them stuck to my face (maybe).  They are the only medicated wipes being sold that have Benzoyl Peroxide, an acne fighting ingredient proven to help heal acne fast.  I love that evern though therer are 30 wipes they are nice and compact with a re-sealable package, making it easy for me to take them with me just in case.  This product comes in a wide range  offering everyone a little something, depending on their skin type.  To find out more information about their product line visit the OXY website or like their Facebook Page.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.